St John & St Mark Church, Bury


There are 5 photo albums.

Memories of Yesteryear
Photographs of the Church and Congregation taken in days gone by.

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1st World War
This page is dedicated to the men commemorated on the plaque from the old St John's Church in our Memorial Chapel or at the St Mark's Memorial (now in the grounds of The Salvation Army).

Across the 2 churches, 123 men gave their lives during the 1st World War. In due time we intend giving short biographies on as many as possible.

Research into their details is work in progress, so please check back. If there's anything that you can add or correct then please use the contact form.

Many thanks to Mark Hone, Bury Grammar School Boys, for providing additional information. Please take a look at the Roll of Honour on their website which contains a great deal of background information and extensive biographies, including some of our own 'old boys'.

If you're doing your own research then you'll find the following sites invaluable: http://www.cwgc.org/ and https://www.forces-war-records.co.uk/

These pages are best viewed on a laptop, tablet or PC rather than a phone.

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Our Parish from Above
The photos in this Album are by kind permission of Britain from Above which provides access to the unique Aerofilms collection of aerial photographs from 1919-1953. The photos here were taken in the 1920's and 30's. To enjoy the thousands of photos in the collection take a look at their site:

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Gill's welcome service
Photos from the lunch on 30th August 2015

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St Mark's Church
Photos from the old church

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